Engineering and Technology 2019. – Vol.4(1)


Take care of nature.

Electronic engineering materials

A. A. Kulyutsin
A. Yu. Shabalov

Digital speech signal processing node, providing cryptographic protection of the interface with a data encryption unit for the device of hidden secret data transmission
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-1

V. E. Yurlov
A. P. Ivanov

Methods for detecting embedded devices to intercept acoustic speech information connected to power lines
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-2

V. A. Vlasova
V. B. Varlamov

Firewall module project as a part of network packet router
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-3

I. A. Kostrov
A. P. Ivanov

Analysis of main threats, vulnerabilities and methods to protect wireless networks
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-4

A. I. Ivanov

Output entropy calculation of neural biometric code converters
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-5

B.V. Sultanov
V. V. Legoshin

A review of methods for setting initial synchronization in systems with frequency-hopping spread spectrum
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-6

D.V. Chernov
A. P. Ivanov

A review of regulatory legal acts in the field of critical information infrastructure security
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-7


Software for assessing potential feasibilities for information integrity maintenance during its transmission via channels with additive white Gaussian noise
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-8

N.A. Egorova

Training students in software reliability
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-9

S. B. Revin

Technical channels of speech information leakage
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-10

A. S. Kruglov
M. Yu. Lupanov

Information security of Internet sites
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-11

D. A. Umarov
S. N. Borisova

Investigating malware behavior in the protected runtime environment
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-12

R. K. Konovalov
A. G. Fateev

The use of information security products against unauthorized access to protect PC running under the Linux operating system
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-13

E. I. Kazantsev
A. I. Ivanov

An overview of products for generating cryptographic keys from user biometrics
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2019-4-1-14

Publication date: 28.06.2019

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