Engineering and Technology 2018. – Vol.3(2)


Take care of nature.

Information technology in engineering and medical technology

V. V. Ismailov
M. Yu. Lupanov

Training system for access rights differentiation in Windows operating system
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-1

M. V. Vlasov
D. V. Malashkin
A. P. Ivanov

A bench to research intruder attacks on data transmission in the unlicensed band of 433 MHz
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-2

A. M. Slivin
A. P. Ivanov

Analysis of vulnerabilities in Smart Home system
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-3

N. A. Egorova

Simulation model to study the phase starting method for data transmission equipment
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-4

O. V. Lipilin

Methods for designing pseudorandom sequence generators
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-5

V. A. Al'kaev
A. G. Fateev

Security analysis tools for evaluation of performance efficiency of information protection means
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-6

P. A. Gurenkov
O. V. Lipilin

Monitoring the status of antivirus protection service
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-7

A. V. Slepov
S. L. Zefirov

Method for risk-based assessment of organizational information security
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-8

M. S. Degtev
A. P. Ivanov

Secure telephone exchange
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-9


Testing environment for information security incident handling
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-10

A. G. Fateev

Implementation of measures on virtualized environment protection established by the regulations of FSTEC
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-11

S. N. Borisova

Distributed ledger technology as a way of data protection against spoofing
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-12

D. V. Aref'ev
O. V. Lipilin

Signal detection criterion in the conditions of electronic warfare
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-13

I. I. Norkin
V. A. Mali

Network emulation and simulation systems
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-14

A. V. Seleznev
V. M. Alekseev

Information accessibility control device
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-2-15


Publication date: 28.12.2018

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