Engineering and Technology 2018. – Vol.3(1)


Take care of nature.

Information technology in engineering and medical technology

V. V. Antipenko
I. A. Averin

Methods for enhanced control over driving electromagnets
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-1-1

A. S. Bugaev
R. A. Lemaev

An electron-optical tester as a means for calibration of pyrometric image converters
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-1-2

N. V. Gromkov
M. V. Kashirin
V. Yu. Orekhov

A device for the prevention of transport emergency situations based on the frequency integrated scan converter
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-1-3

V. V. Kozlov
B. G. Radzhabov

Modeling of artificial neural networks to determine the parameters of harmonic signals
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-1-4

V. S. Volkov
E. A. Ryblova

Minimization of the error temperature component and sensitivity increase of the semiconductor pressure sensor
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-1-5

B. V. Sultanov
V. V. Legoshin

Possibilities of building communication systems with a low probability of information transfer intercept
DOI 10.21685/2587-7704-2018-3-1-6

Publication date: 30.06.2018 

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